How to DELETE CAMEO account? (Video)

How to DELETE CAMEO account?

  1. In Cameo app, go to your profile in the bottom right.
  2. Tap on the gear icon in the top right.
  3. Tap on Security and Privacy.
  4. Tap on Account Services.
  5. You have two options – Deactivate account or Delete account.
  6. Tap on Delete account.
  7. On this screen fill checkboxes for Compliance Request, fill in Email confirmation field.
  8. If you delete your Cameo account – it is permanent and cannot be undone.

How to deactivate Cameo account?

  1. Follow above steps 1-5.
  2. Tap on Deactivate account.
  3. The difference is when deactivating Cameo account, you will be able to restore it later by sending an email to

Cameo app overview

Cameo app

This application was founded back in 2016 by Steve Galanis as the CEO. Cameo app is a website that acts as a marketplace although it is used by celebrities. Cameo application can also be used as an app but this does not apply to everyone globally, it is only meant for US citizens.

HOW TO DELETE your BEREAL ACCOUNT? it is tricky!

The reason why this app is referred to as an online marketing place is that individuals use celebrities to ensure that their shutouts reach the public to obtain fame and make money too. Its users can view their celebrity's profile picture. It also allows its users to comment on the celebrity's profile picture, posts, and videos.

Cameo app again provides a live streaming sector where individuals can follow up their celebrities' videos 1-on-1. This application allows its users to interact with famous people globally, ask those questions, or give suggestions too. Cameo app allows its customers to post their posts, profile pictures, or videos too.

Since this application can only be used by US citizens but the rest of its users can only use it as the website, this discourages its users. Second, the website has to involve a well-known celebrity. This means that for one to post or share a video, photo, or an idea, he/she must include a celebrity.

Again, to ensure that the personalized information you want to pass to the public is well shared, Cameo website users must pay a certain amount of money. This means that not every person can access the service provided in the app for shout-outs. Therefore, it is an application where only rich people can access its services. This makes poor individuals who cannot afford the payment feel inferior.

Cameo app gives a "second life" to many celebrities, who might have been forgotten. Many of their clips go viral on social media and attract a lot of viewers.

Cameo app on Android:

The Cameo app is not always available on most devices. This app can only be accessed via the website that is shared by celebrities only. Although can be downloaded from the app store by US citizens.

Cameo app on Apple:

Although the app is free to download on App Store, it offers in app purchases for certain premium features. So if you carry any device type, like I Phone or I pad, you can easily download it.

Cameo app on PC

This application can be used on computers but through the website. It is only accessible as an application by citizens from the United States.

Parents review on Cameo app

This application is suitable for all groups of people. Parents can also use the website to enquire updates about the world's celebrities. Since it does not involve some adult only activities parents can let their children use the website or app too. They can plan a dinner date with the celebrities just for the fun of their children too.

Now, if you are a fond of celebrities, it’s easy for you to interact and feel their presence by using the Cameo app or website. You can even promote your businesses through advertising via the website to attract a large number of customers who follow the celebrities. To leave the Cameo app, one just logs out from the app or website and uninstalls it.

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