hello everyone in this video I will show you the full guide how exactly to delete your account and all your data all your prompts from chat GPT so here I signed into my account with Google or Microsoft and then to delete your account just tap on the sidebar in the menu in top left like Burger menu icon and then here you can go to updates and FAQ you will be directed to help open AI com support center for the whole open AI which is open AI is the company which developed charge GPT then here you can just search for delete how do I delete my account and then you just have the first article popping up I need to say that this article is being updated very often and the process is changing like I think that just having a lot of improvements development process and I did an overview how to delete your account like few weeks ago now it's a bit different so at this moment when this video is published there is one method to delete your account on chargeipity what you need to know is that like account deletion is permanent and will remove data associated with your account you won't be able to make an account again in the future so that's I think it's a bit harsh like so if you delete your account associated with specific email address on Google or Microsoft I guess that's it you won't be able to create a new account again I hope associated with that address maybe I don't know that the thing is you won't be able to create your account at all with any address so this part is not clarified here what does it mean that you won't be able to create an account again um like only with that email address or with any email address then okay let's just proceed so to delete your account you need to proceed with a help chat when logged into our website select help button in the bottom right select send us a message select account deletion and complete the workflow for account deletion what happens then your request will be submitted to us and you will receive confirmation when the deletion has been completed please note that it may take one two weeks for your request to be completed you must be logged in for this process as we must confirm that you are the account holder uh requests made without an Associated account cannot be processed so just tap on this chat here um send us a message other and let's just uh let's just proceed here and then you need to log into your account and start a new conversation so but that's also a bit confusing because I mean I'm already logged in with with my tab here uh so anyhow I think that's basically the the process so you need to go to this website uh which is like some help support center um alternatively you can always just write them a message like just entering your email example here and then just write your message and write email which is associated with your account but that probably just won't help um because you still need to be logged in so that's a bit like where do I log in on their help center I'm logged in in the app actually I don't see like a login button in the in the top right so as you can see it's it's still it's a bit confusing I can understand that like I guess they're just making it difficult for people to easily delete their account that's nothing new a lot of apps just do that in some apps you need to call the support center and other apps you just do all of this stuff but the thing is yeah you need to delete your account only from from this support chat and uh yeah um so you can ask that here but uh um so there you have it at least that I think some of it was helpful to you

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