hey everyone so here's iCloud photos you can access it in your iCloud menu via Settings app or app store app and then if you just go to photos it's in April by default so you need to know that that yeah iCloud storage is enabled by default um so yeah what you can do is just disable sync with this iPhone and then that's what happens do you want to download a copy of your iCloud photos to this iPhone photos and videos that have been optimized to say space will be removed from this iPhone the original full versions will still be available on other devices using iCloud photos so that's the idea and then yeah you can just decide to remove from iPhone and that or you can download these photos and videos and then even if you tap right now remove from iPhone you will have a second chat and then are you sure or something like that and then you will just remove those um so yeah and if iPhone is low on Space full resolution photos and videos automatically replies with smaller device sized versions full resolutions can be downloaded from iCloud anytime um so yeah that's basically it um yeah you just decide of course like I think Apple enables it because then you will need to upgrade and pay for your iCloud storage and if you're making a lot of videos or high quality 4K videos this stuff is filling up space like pretty fast some videos can be like gigabytes and gigabytes of data so yeah just keep that in mind like starter iCloud photos it's like 50 gigabytes so just sync twice if you really want to use it of course alternative one-of-top Alternatives is like Google photos app probably there are some other apps where you have this but if you want to stick to Apple ecosystem probably you have no choice and then just use iCloud photos but my design just be a bit more selective about that

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