How to do a Toy Scan in Happy Meal app?

hello so here is happy meal app from mcdonald's and it's recently going viral because you can uh scan different toys and you can have all these ar experiences so to do that you just need to go to the app and then bring toy to your life just tap here and grab your own go around happy meal toy turn up the volume on your device have another help you dim the lights in the room so you need to get a happy meal and then you need to put the toy placer on the star above facing backwards so something like that [Music] hi my name is ron and i i i require a boost please hold i need a power up [Music] much better hi i'm ron benskatsko i am insert registered name's best friend out of the box what should i call you choose a button below and then you can just play with it i shall call you happy happy happy it's good to meet you well done friend hi 5.0 so yeah that's how you can scan this toy uh or something there are also different modes here you can ask ron i am your friendly beebot rod you can ask me almost anything i do not always download quite right but i can still answer your questions what would you like to know choose a button below what's the weather the weather is sunny but with scattered goats ma meow oink i apologize for my error and will continue coming in from the northeast will be patches of elephants you can see all of that well done friend hi five point oh i need to use the toy and i don't know maybe the turtle starts moving or something like that so that's the idea you know that's how you can bring toys to life in uh happy meal app in mcdonald's hope it was helpful thanks for watching like and subscribe visit my podcast and my website mr hector                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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