How to ENABLE BACK TAP on iPhone?

so here's the interesting setting on iPhone that you can enable back tab uh so it's it's only compatible starting from iPhone 8 and 8 plus um and then here if you just go to settings and then go to accessibility here and then go to touch in the bottom you have here back tab and then you can just enable depending on the double tap or triple tap which minus you want to open so yeah just for example I just do double tap in the bottom and I have control center opening up so yeah it's pretty cool it's not working that's mostly because sometimes you just have a case and maybe your case is just like too sick and bulky and as it just prevents your accelerometer and gyroscope sensors and iPhone working properly uh so yeah right now I'm just double tapping and here it goes now it's opening up so yeah if it's not working you just need to first check your iPhone compatibility make sure it's at least iPhone 8 or later make sure that you enable backtab on uh and then yeah try that try if it's not working just remove the case from your phone force restart your iPhone or start to default settings update your iOS setting or just do a like a iOS factory reset and yeah so to try that out but yeah it's kind of working for me but uh yeah I don't feel like where exactly I need to tap but it's kind of eventually it's working

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