How to ENHANCE PLAYLIST on Spotify app?

okay so there is a new feature in spotify which is called enhanced playlist so i think they just released it recently so if you go to your library and you have your playlists so it should be only playlists which are created by you if you're just looking for like top top 15 united states you won't have this feature but then you just have this enhanced button which will automatically add like relevant songs to your playlist uh updated with strategy recommended songs and then you will see this mark here so for example if you have like um some genre or some artist in your artist this feature will automatically update your play list with the relevant songs like and it will update every day i think um so that's the main feature basically it sounds like discover weekly where you just have like recommended songs for your playlists but yeah this just is only about one playlist so this is what this enhanced uh playlist looks like in spotify again if i go to like a playlist created by someone else i don't have this feature so it's only my playlist so hope that is helpful                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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