How to enter a promo code in TouchTunes app?

hey everyone so here's TouchTunes app so how to enter a promo code so if you tap get credits in top right in top right again you can enter promo code but you need to check in in specific jukebox location to enter promo code um so yeah um valid promo codes can be redeemed for free credits and used at any location the num the price and number of credits to players on play may arrive based on certain factors such as time of dialects of the queue and lengths of the song So in some locations can be one credit two or three credits uh just also depending how you spend them if you want to spend fast pass which is like priority in the queue that will be more expensive but yeah if you have a promo code for a specific owner of that restaurant or just you got it somewhere you can just enter it here but you need to check in first hope that is helpful

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