so here's locate widget app and there's a new feature update that now you can basically uh tap to focus so as i just added it yesterday or when this video was published so zoom you can now zoom you can tap to focus you can double tap to flip the camera so here is a featured app and let's try the new focus feature which a lot of people requested so yeah if i just tap now you will see this circle where it tries to focus so yeah maybe on landscape it will be it can be more clear but yeah this is how it looks like so now you can just focus on the different elements of the picture and of course you can now zoom and by double tapping you can just change the direction of the camera so maybe here so let's see how anyways this is so i'm just trying okay so i'm just tapping and then i'm just holding a bit and then it kind of works but yes still a bit i think still i don't know the cameras they are not using the full opportunities of the camera but still it's pretty cool uh so yeah now it's focused pack anyways and you can double tap to change the direction so you don't need to use the button in the bottom so it's a bit faster so that's a new cool features check it out update the app

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