How to generate AI avatars in DAWN AI app free version?

here's down AI app and let's explore how many AI avatars actually you can generate in this app for free so this app went to the top charts of the US app store because it offers kind of like some elements of free version where it's the first amount of avatars you can generate for free and then you will need to upgrade but because the app is evolving super quickly and it's in top charts I think it constantly changes so let's just try it out what you can do so here you can just upload your photos so let's just do it and and while it does that I will just explain my experience um so basically um I tried this app Force like three or four times days ago and then you could have generated 50 avatars of yourself so as you can see that you'll use them to learn how you look and generate 50 avatars of yourself and then just tap generate 50 avatars um yeah so then it just says we are generating your avatars when the admit tag will be ready you will get 50 ready to use avatars and you will be able to generate countless alternatives um so again when I tried like this app like four days ago and this video is posted around that like it was possible to generate really 50 avatars for free so and after that this app really skyrocketed in the top charts but when I tried it again two days ago or something then only six avatars were free and then other 44 you needed to upgrade to see them so you need to type like your reveal Now button to see them um and then like after a day again like so six avatars are free after like 15 minutes and then 44 you can access the next day so you just need to wait 24 hours and then you are able to access all the 50 avatars for free which is actually pretty crazy like how this app figured out how to do that because computation power is pretty expensive for all this area modeling but as I understand yeah you still can get some high quality AI waters for free without need to upgrade in this app but then if you want to generate additional styles uh like for example you use your avatar and see how you look as an astronaut or like some other person and athlete or something like that you can generate one set of four avatars for free and then you need to wait 24 hours and then you can use another set so then it just becomes like super long and if you want really to experiment a lot you will need to upgrade and the price to upgrade is 9.99 per week there is no free trial as I understand um so yeah it's it's constantly changes I don't guarantee that this price Not Gonna Change um in future or anything like that um so yeah that's basically the idea um yeah so there you have it um so I understand yep you still can generate some bunch of AI or DARS here without the need to upgrade and that's why this app really skyrocketed to the job charts compared to Lanza AI if it was in the beginning the top up for that or Hawaii app um yeah so basically it's super interesting gross hack from them I'm not sure if this is gonna style like this like forever maybe they are just using some credits uh to gain popularity and just stay in top charts and then they will just hide everything under a subscription pop-up but who knows uh yeah that's basically how it works uh the people the users who say that everything is locked from under the paywall is not free as you can see it's not true as you can see I'm just upgraded uh sorry I'm just uploaded all the photos and you can still do it and my AI avatars have been generated and yeah I didn't upgrade yet so that's what you have hope this is helpful for you and thank you for watching

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