How to generate AI avatars in VOI AI AVATARS app?

so here's why app and here's a quick overview how to create AI avatars here in this app uh yeah it's one of the alternatives to Don AI or Lanza AI app and yeah what you do is just you can create your own avatar so you can just tap plus and then you can create your own avatar to use exactly a selfie and create your own avatar you need to upgrade though in the free version it's only possible to you know to create avatar for these celebrities and then just select Styles but I just upgraded and then uh yeah so for example this is my avatar and then I can just select uh like this style and then uh yeah you just see your creation is in progress so this app is basically being was built by uh uh yeah some developers which which already build some other viral apps in this category in AI category and then you can see uh something like this so that's just being generated and then you can just save it but again to do this you need to upgrade um and then as you can see uh uh yeah I upgraded but then once you upgrade and I'm not even sure I don't think it's about a monthly subscription I think you just need to pay to create your one Avatar and then you just basically have it so then you just create hundreds creations and for every additional style which you can select here Trend game painting uh like all of these Styles you can just generate additional avatars here so that's and that's included so as you have seen now I'm not buying additional stuff but you still need to pay and there is no option to generate even like a small amount of avatars for free as you can do for example in down AI app whereas I understand you can get like six avatars for free and then you need to upgrade but yeah you can see here the quality of the pictures so something like that um yeah so that's the idea basically um that's how it works um yeah so something around it and then you just have all these settings I don't know what are Avatar tokens so if you want to create more avatars one additional Avatar is 3.99 and let's just check it out it's uh it's one time payment so it's not a monthly subscription and that's actually pretty cheap right so you just buy this avatar for 3.99 and then as I can understand you just generate all these unlimited filters with this Avatar and then you can make arts of friends and family unlimited Creations for each so that's a pretty good deal actually that you have unlimited questions for each because in lands AI for example you need to pay 5.99 for each 50 or 100 creations and then if you want to get additional Creations you need to pay again and again in other apps like Donna yeah you just pay like a Weekly subscription of 9.99 um so yeah these are the options here um yeah so something like that you can always just delete your data if you want to delete your account and then yeah then you just keep generating more and more avatars pick a style you can also edit your prompt so here you can see some suggested prompt and then you can just always pick that uh change that so here you can see some examples celebrities and then you can just change the prompt like you can write something like anime style and then you can just generate it like this so yeah I think this is one of the top apps right now uh together with Lanza AI Dawn Ai and this y app it's like the top three apps if you want to try out a digital avatars and just play with it of course there are like so many bugs and like it's not really there I think it's uh and then there is like a still Watermark and then I can regenerate but yeah I think it's a really great start for this AI technology might be just the beginning but like who you can imagine what would this would be able to achieve quite soon like of course you can't use these images in your passport and maybe some official documents yet like maybe not even on linked it might be just for some like chats Twitter stuff like that but soon like imagine if you need like a professional photo for your passport or some for your cover letter or something like that and you don't have time to go to like Photo Studio or buy a lot of money for that so you can just use this AI app and it's really get like high quality photos and you can get like 50 variants of like official photo or something like that then just choose which one you like so of course kind of service imagine how how much you will need to buy like in a professional photo studio but probably it's not there yet so anyhow that's the idea hope this is helpful uh like app is very easy to use and it's yeah you can figure your way in here um yeah you don't even need to actually to to create your account as I understand just you can always delete the data here thank you for watching

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