How to generate your own AI Avatars in Dawn AI app?

here's down AI app how to generate your own AI avatars in Don AI app with using your tag how it works so basically after your first time upload selfies you need to upload 8-15 selfies then you kind of create me tag what is that that's basically just your AI model which is being used to generate additional images with all these additional filters like you have like pink hair or blue haired curvy Cosmic like all of these additional cool filters which you can try out uh so then let's try to do it and what you need to do is just you can just tap on this filter and then you just will generate the new version of you with this new uh filter so that's basically how it works and then you just need to wait a bit and yeah I'm on a pro version so I can do it unlimited is if you're on a free version I think before using each filter you need to wait one day uh so yeah this is this is how you have it and then you can just tap on the image and make sure to save it because other than that then the images will be deleted if you want to generate a new one so that's basically how it works then you can just yeah go and delete this tag also you can use uh prompts in the top part and then it's just analyzing prompts and then just take some time so you can also do it this way so uh yeah pretty cool so if you are not happy with the uh just uh with these filters you can use prompts

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