How to get a Coinbase crypto wallet?

so to get a coinbase wallet when i just opened my coinbase app i have this pop-up and then i can just tap that so let's see what happens here and then i'm just being redirected and to yeah then basically this is this is the separate app and i need to install it so you can see the size is 125 megabytes and then i just need to install it and then this is a self custody wallet secure and safe which is uh yeah which i need to uh link to my uh coinbase account and this app is also web 3dap browser so it's not just a wallet coinbase is adding about a feature where you can browse different dabs in this so yeah then i need to sign out because i updated my touch id but usually you just need to use your face id or touch id and sign back in so that's basically the process where you need to go through and then you can either create a new wallet here or just if because i did it already i already have a wallet and sign in to your coinbase wallet here so that's the idea um hope you got it

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