How to get Creator Verified in Tiki app?

here is sticky short video app so to get verified here just open tap in top right and then you have creator verification here so that's uh yeah so you can display your bet you can get more traffic and more likes and followers exclusive creator service and feedback center training creator challenges you can join tiki challenges and activities on your journey to becoming a star and then verification system uh so either trainee or verified creator so there are two uh two options so to become a trainee verification trainee verified you don't need to be like huge creator somewhere on youtube or instagram uh having millions of followers you can just answer these 40 questions complete your profile and then video review uh so 20 points per correct answer menu 80 points to pass and then there is a time limit as well 20 minutes so something like that so try it out and then also you need to complete your profile and do video review so yeah hope that is helpful

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