How to get free tickets in AIR MATH APP?

hello so to get more free tickets in error mass app uh i just go into my accounts and i can see that i have 30 remaining tickets available that's the standard uh amount of tickets you get when you just create an account if i tap here to invite friend this is my referral code i just tap to copy the code or i can tap invite friends and then it should open my account so that's basically the invitation dot one link dot me and then you can just see um yeah all the the invitation link so for example you can use my link and then i'm getting free tickets so that's one of the ways to do it so you can just share your invitation link and then you will receive three extra tickets if your friend starts using your code so that's a lot i was using another gauss-mass app and basically i just created a youtube video and like how to like app overview and how to get tickets and some people started using my code and i got like you know thousands of free tickets actually so if you share it somewhere on twitter on tick tock just create a tick tock video great youtube video about it and then you will be able to get these free tickets if you really need them of course otherwise you will need to pay for them so that's one of the way some other apps have like if you log in here every day you will get some free tickets but not sure if this works here you can always reach out to our support just try to write him them here and just like write hey um do what are other ways to get a free ticket is it only referral invitation or there is some other way so try that yep so hope this can give you some ideas some options and yes thank you for watching

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