to get verified in tinder as you can see here uh you just need to go to your profile tab in the bottom right and tap on verification um and yeah and then you just need to take one selfie and then another selfie and then uh yep and then you will see that verification under uh review uh yeah so and then usually you will see like a blue check mark next to your profile uh it says like that you need to verify your phone number but in fact you just need to take one selfie then move closer with your selfie camera and it will automatically match your another selfie and basically i think it will use just some ai technology to compare your face to photos in tinder and then yeah i don't know it will if it will and then you see here congrats your profile just got verified i don't know actually if it will help you out with these matches and all of that but maybe your profile will be more trustworthy and you will just make a community safer and all of that so hope this is helpful thank you for watching

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