How to give access to Health data (steps, heartrate) in obimy app?

to give access to your heart data like heart rate in in the obimi app uh here is the app uh it's basically you can add your loved ones you can add your friends and then you can sync like some interesting senses with each other not just text and pictures but also like how many steps you did each day um yeah what's what's your heart rate it's actually super interesting feature but in order for that to work you need to go to settings go to house and then here here is that's that and then data access and devices select a beam app and here you you need to allow bimi to write and allow me to read so you need to allow that and then you will sell the data here so that's what you need to do in order to see the heart rate also you need to use some watch device because otherwise it won't work like apple watch or fitbit anything which can track that only phone is not enough

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