How to increase quota in MD Vinyl widget?

so to increase quota in md vinyl widget app just tap on the settings your settings in top right and then uh basically uh yeah you see here that there are 150 songs uh 100 songs basically in the beginning uh you can get more songs for free and it's a legal way to do it so in the basic options there are 100 songs but if you connect apple music there are plus 50 if you share empty vinyl 0s plus 50 and then you can get empty clock that's 50 already so you can get 250 songs instead of 100 and then if you just upgrade to premiums that's actually super cheap at this moment my bit will be changed in future so use the moment it's only 199 lifetime subscription so it's not monthly recurring subscription it's one time purchase for two bucks so that's pretty nice pretty decent so hope that can be helpful

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