How to install Sweatcoin widget on iPhone?

to install sweatcoin widget just as any other widget on iphone tap and hold and then app start jiggling and then you can see plus icon tap swatch and then step progress widget daily boost widget so two types of widget i can just tap steps today and then i can see that i did 5 000 steps and i earned 9.5 swat coins so that's pretty motivating so for people who don't know spitcoin is the app which potentially can pay you in cryptocurrency for your steps or you can just earn some bonuses likes which are called sweatcoin just for walking and then you can use our marketplace and spend like and buy some uh some items but you need to to have like a lot of steps before you can really get something tangible so it's not like you just went for a run and got an amazon gift card no it's like you need like hundreds of kilometers of walking um so and then there is also daily boost uh start and track your daily boost progress so you can also install that widget yeah hope it can be motivating for you thank you for watching

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