How to invite friends off the waitlist in Artifact News app?

hello there so how to invite friends to artifact news app so here you have you can just tap on your account tap in the bottom right and then basically you can just tap invite friends and you have I think uh four invitations I can invite four friends um so I can just copy link or I can invite people from my contact book and or I can just email so feel free to use this code maybe someone already used that one so before you use 6X and then yeah that can be your invitation code to join uh this app and not to stay in a white list for like two weeks or one week in my case I I got in without invitation but it took me around two weeks I guess to access the app so if if you want to try it out faster use it I don't know if you get any perks for inviting your friends but there you have it it's kind of like a this app overall is being hype because it's been developed by Instagram co-founders and it's like Tick Tock for news where you will be getting a lot a lot of recommendations on your preferred news but the magic trick is that it has some Advanced AI technology let's see how it develops that you will be able to get really really personalized recommendations um so yeah try it out

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