How to join a Twitter community?

so how to join a twitter community you can see members here uh so this is basically like a group on twitter then you can just uh see some rules for for example this is week of startups community and then just agree and join then you just join the the group so i don't know what's the difference basically with the lists but here you have it uh now you have a communities tab and here you will see all the posts from people in the community so it's not like the list where you follow twitter list and it means that you follow everyone on the list but here uh yeah you just have a separate tab and uh you will see all the posts from that community so something like that you can see all the members and you can see the moderators you can see admins you can invite members to community you have limited amount of invites and then you don't if you follow the community you don't necessarily follow everyone in community so you won't see the people from community in your normal twitter feed so this is a new feature and hope this is helpful

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