How to LOG OUT from UNISWAP?

hey everyone so how to log out from uh from uni swap or from any other like mata mask wallet based ethereum app so i don't see an option here to log out if i just tap just use an option to change for automatic like i can see all of these wallets then about request features discord dark theme so i don't see that um so yeah i don't know like if i tap on extension i also just see mata mask i can go there but it's just reloads so if you want just to log out what you can do is just i don't know to disable extension just click here click on the meta mask and try to like remove from chrome or just pause it and then of course if you reload uni swap then then you'll be logged out and then you can just log back in by just installing mathematic extension again logging in with meta mask of course you need to remember yeah so this here removed from home and then you just need to remember your like recovery phrase your password to log back in securely but that's that's what i would do

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