hello everyone so here is our rca uh solana d5 exchange and let's go through how to connect your wallet here so it's different you don't need to have a mask but you need to have phantom so phantom is like a solana based wallet while metamask is more like ethereum wallet i created another overview about phantom wallet how to create a wallet how to add chrome extension basically were seem similar to tomato mask just on solana not on material so then you just need to connect here you just tap connect and then yeah you will be able to oops page unresponsive it's not and finally i can connect it so there you have it so now i just connected my phantom wallet um to the to the rca and then from here i can just swap like for example if i want to swap 10 usdc to use solana here you will see fair price you can see rate me swap fees and then you will see 30 percent fees so yeah uh not enough salon so to get solana here uh you need to buy salon on coinbase or finance and then just send it to phantom as i understand so yes something like that so hope it is helpful and thank you for watching

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