How to make your chai bot better? Tips and tricks

so how to make your chai board better so if you go to leaderboard here you can see some of the top Boards out there you can see some Bots which other users created have like you know 50 100 000 conversations with them and yeah it's just using the same training so why some Bots are getting more engagement others don't so I would really advise you to look through all the stats and analytics you can just really go through all these conversations and see what's going on here is it good or bad like what is the quality also when you add it in your Bot make sure to add as much information as possible the more prompts you're adding the better it is for AI model to train especially here like enter facts your Bot will always remember just make sure to enter all of this 1024 characters enter from the conversation to shape new conversations uh just yeah enter all of information you have the more you enter the more like fun and tweaker like the better it is uh try to be a bit spicy try to be not boring um yeah you can just add it um um yeah so something like that then if you go to chat actually uh you can also add friend and then you can tweak and upgrade to Ultra uh so you need to upgrade to Ultra uh so there are different models here GPT GI Elite 6B where you your Bot will sound like a book or fire sack uh uh 13 billion which will need upgrade to ultra so that's that you can do that and then your Bot will just become better so if you want to upgrade to ultra that's five dollars 19 cents per week it's not cheap um so yeah it's pretty expensive but if you want to get a lot of Engagement that's what you can do also you can just chat with your Bot so here if you're chatting um here you can for example if you don't like this message you can delete this and then uh yeah you can update your settings anyhow I don't know why is that this is here uh but you can train your board basically just chatting with your board and then um like if you don't like this my sum of the messages you can uh rewind them and then you can message a rate these messages and if you write them good the bot like the model will improve and send more messages like that and all of that so the more you chat the more you write uh your messages the better it is also if you engage in in previous conversations see how other users are doing these conversations you can also upgrade to ultra yeah and this is just like work you know it's it's not like there is no easy advice but yeah try to make your Bot spicy not boring and follow all of this advice

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