How to manually select cellular network on iPhone?

hello so did you know that when you're in roaming or something like that you can go to settings and manually select your network so just go to Cellular in Settings app go to network selection and then here you can disable automatic and then depending on the signal you will see the list of networks and then you can just select any network you like so that's basically yeah you can just select that and then you can see if the quality of signal is strong enough or not so that's basically the idea uh because sometimes if there are two competing networks and one has stronger signal one has weaker signal iPhone will and your network selection is automatic iPhone will um select it by itself and you can see it switching all the time so for example this is just one of the use cases so you can disable that or if you just know for sure that in this area if you are traveling this network you will be stronger you will have a stronger cellular signal so you can also enable that um so yes this a lot of use cases where you can just need a manually enable that so you can do it on iPhone

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