How to play WORDLE app?

so here is this viral app wordle which was just acquired by new york times for seven figures uh so as i understand there is no wardle app in the app store so this app is available here on the website so to play uh wordle you need to guess the word six uh yeah the word in six tries each guess must be a valid five letter word hit the enter button to submit after each guess the color of the title is changed to show how closer was to the word so they're like basically three colors like for example the green color means that the letter w is in the word and is in the correct spot then on the second example you can see that the letter i is in the word but the wrong spot so it just means the letter i is not in the second position it can be on the fifth position for example and then if if the letter is gray it means the letter u is not in the word in any spot and new wordle will be available each day so as you can see this is not an app is just available as on the website power language code uk and then there you have it so now for example i can just write hello and then i can see like that letters h e o are in the word but those are in the wrong positions l is not in the word so now i need to guess another word which will contain all h e so this is how i need to know a lot of words and also of course you can just uh enter other words to figure out so now you can see that h and e are in the correct positions and also there is s and o here r is not there um so yeah like o h i don't know actually so that's so i think you got the idea like how that might work so now i see that th should be there also there should be s somewhere and e in the end so [Music] a is not here i don't know this word is not in the word list which word is those yay and now i just guess the word so this is my guest distribution and now i can create the next model so that's the idea and then you can just see all the gas statistics and then you can have like a dark seam and all of that hope that is helpful

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