How to POST A NEW TIKTOK NOW? Detailed guide

so in this video Let's explore how to post a new tick tock now so it's a separate app I think I think in some cases in United States it is inside of the main Tick Tock app but in a lot of European countries it's a separate app anyhow the interface is similar so if you want to see your friends Tick Tock now posts you just you will see this button post to view if you didn't post your Tick Tock now you won't be able to see other people posts and your Tick Tock now can only be posted once per day ideally when you receive this notification from Tick Tock it's also okay to post later but then you will just see this sign that you posted your Tick Tock now later then you just tap pause to view and basically here is your Tick Tock so you can just open it up you can you will see time to now you only have three minutes to post it it adds this sense of urgency and then you have flashlight you can enable or disable it you can tap for photo or hold for video so if I and then the another feature is that I can also see second camera on on burial the original app from which Tick Tock now just basically stealed it yeah you can only see one camera but here you can see two pictures then you can just change the Privacy either friends or everyone and then you just tap this button in the bottom also you can tap retake in the top right meaning you can retake this now and then you can again post it Imperial if you have more than 10 friends you will be able to see a number of retakes uh and then yeah you just post it it will appear in the feed either your friends feed or like all the global feed if you select that it will be available in the feed 24 hours as I understand it will also be saved to your memories so memories is just my personal private archive so it will be saved there and yeah after that um uh yeah is that just basically how it works is this app is constantly developing they're adding a lot of new features and improvements make sure to update it often I think Tick Tock is just exploring this new field so yeah hope that is helpful

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