okay so here's zoick so how to add payment method so super easy you can just go to your profile and then payment settings a payment method and then you can just add payment method here [Music] but what i mean here is more like payment settings so if you are getting paid by exotic like how to add like uh how are you being paid so these are the main forms either paypal so paypal probably the easiest you can just click on paypal and login and zoeck will transfer money to your paypal account then there is an option via bank transfer of prepaid card via pioneer so you can go to pioneer and if you just have your account with pioneer um you can just add it here in the zoick and what will happen you just need to go to pioneer and log in here just go to payoneer and log in with your payoneer account and you're set so yeah i'm talking about this website and then the third option is just like check and so it only works in usa and canada so pioneer can be a good option if you are using as i can you're not from usa canada it's like you're an international user and paypal also can be an option and here are also some specificities so like there is payment threshold so you're only being paid like after you earned like at least 20 dollars and there are all these fees you can go through them [Music] so that's that they're all just like fees you just need to uh checks through them and then of course uh the zodiac payments are going on a 30-day net so it means if you yeah so it takes 30 days to transfer to submit a payment

29-11-2022 | Ezoic Account Create E...
29-11-2022 | Ezoic Account Create Easy
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