How to receive a sense in obimy app?

so how to receive a touch or hug or any other action or sense how they call it here like in this sense that your app or be me so basically i received some action from from my friend just on the test account here's my account i received it i received the hug so then i just tap on it or i receive the keys and then i can feel like the the phone will vibrate in a specific manner so it like for each of this action there is some kind of vibration uh yeah and then it just feels different and so that's basically how it works so you don't receive like any text image or like uh audio or like voice message you just receive this kind of sense and then your phone starts vibrating in one another way just in different vibration patterns and you kind of kind of like feeling some touch and yeah at least from your phone so that's kind of cool that's how you receive them um so yep uh that's basically and that's how you can send a sense to to other people um so that's that's how it works

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