hey everyone so twitter is working on a new feature specifically recording recorded spaces in twitter spaces so if you know what user spaces are this is kind of like real-time audio conversations which you can see in your top feed on twitter and now there is an option to not now but there is an early preview of this feature where you will be able to record the space so while you are in the twitter space there will be like uh when you create your space uh below the title below the topics you will see the tab to record space and you can just enable that and yeah and then you'll be able to record this space of course there is some information probably you will need to notify your members people who are in this space who are listening and yeah so this is just the concept it's not live yet it's a better pro it's not even better when it's out it releases a crack and all the people just asking um so yeah of course you can record twitter spices and any other ways just like um yeah just using some other software tool but this is like a twitter tool so i think it should be nice so anyways hope you enjoy this tip                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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