How to remove creator alias in Clubhouse app?

to remove creator alias on clubhouse just tap on gear icon and top right tap on your profile tap on creator alias and then it you see this pop-up remove your creator alias if you remove your creator alice you will not be able to edit again and then just tap red remove button so there you have it something like this um hope it can be helpful yep it's not possible to change it add it change it add it again because clubhouse is quite strict on real full name real creator ally so it's just better not to play around with clubhouse maybe if you also add some untruthful data you your account can be suspended or something like that so just be careful just try to add your real creator alias and this is how it looks like uh so this is my creator alias and this is my full name so creator alias will be in bold strong first part and then yeah you will see your full name here hope that is helpful

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