How to remove someone from your Lockets in Locket widget?

here's locket widget app so how to remove someone from from your lockets so just swipe to the top left in your lockets you see here different categories there are different people there can be a friends family colleagues classmates uh you know travel whatever and then you just tap on specific widget and then you see all the people here in this case it's just one person just an example just tap on that person you will see it grayed out and then just step side in the bottom this is the way you can just remove that person from widget and then if you're sending new photos to that widget they want to include that person anymore of course you can just delete the widget and create it from the beginning but if you have like 10 people in the widget and it's just easier to remove one person than create a new widget and like adding nine persons so something like that and of course you can also just remove friends in the locket widget so just tap on front and then here you can just stop crossing the right side

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