How to request data removal in FaceApp?

Hey everyone, today we're going to discuss how to request for data removal in FaceApp. FaceApp is a popular app used to change facial appearance, for example, by adjusting hair color or modifying features such as eye color or smile. However, it's important to know how to request removal of your data in the cloud.

To request a data removal, open the app and click on your icon present in the top left corner. You will then see the option for "support." Tap on this option, and then click on "request cloud data removal." Once you choose to proceed with data removal, it's important to keep in mind that other data such as purchase history and push tokens might also be deleted. This could lead to usage problems in the future. If you encounter such problems, it's advised to contact the support team.

It's good to note that all photos edited in the app are automatically deleted 48 hours after the last edit. However, if you still choose to proceed with data removal, it's easy to do so by following the steps mentioned above.

Additionally, unlike many other apps, FaceApp doesn't require an account for usage. You can use the app without registering for an account. Users can opt to upgrade to pro, but an account is not mandatory for usage.

If you need to contact support, open the app and tap "suggestion." From there, you can get in touch with the FaceApp support team.

In conclusion, requesting data removal is not a complicated process on FaceApp. Just remember to click on your profile icon, choose "support," and then click on "request cloud data removal." If you need any further guidance, you can always reach out to the support team via the app.

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