How to save login info in Snapchat?

okay so here is snapchat app so did you know about this feature that when you tap on your profile on top left and tap on your icon and if you want to log out you can actually save your login info so tap log logout uh and then you will see the uh the option to save your credentials so login back in into snapchat will be easy and you won't even need a password of course if you are using your device and of course if you if it's secure if you're using still face id or touch id so yeah for example let me show you so to enable this setting you just need to tap tap logout for the first time then you need to enable the feature to save login information and that's that so let me show you so now when i'm log out i will see that uh my account is still here and when i just tap login i will just be logged in automatically and there you have it i don't need to enter password

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