How to schedule a date in Cuff app?

here is coof app so how to uh schedule a date here so uh yeah basically you just have this tab it's just called schedule dates uh choose a time below to schedule a video date and then you just select when you should be available on which period and which time and day you need to schedule at least five minutes in advance for a same day video dates and then you can also just clear availability so then you can just do like that and the time slot is usually just like first five minutes uh from your current date and then you just have that available uh and then yep then you see video dates your upcoming video dates will appear here so these are the days where you set up your availability so this way this app is a bit different from other video chat and apps and all of that because this this app has this like schedule scheduling option so that's pretty interesting um so yep and then to to be more high in the writing you can just tap boost my cuff rating and then higher cuff writing increases equality and number of video dates

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