How to see the DATE of pictures sent in Locket Widget?

did you know that in locate widget if you go to history it's actually pretty handy you can see your previous sound photos or lockets how they're called and then you can see just the date of this lockets so here is this one i sent on january 20th then six days ago and something like that um so yeah that's uh the idea so just in case you need to remember hey like when when was it like why did i send this photo like or something like that you have this diet here and it can be helpful uh so yeah you can see the diet and in case you want to do it further you can always delete photo you can share your photo you can change the view and probably they are just organized but here still one of the photo was sent on the january 20th another photo was like six days ago which is just like in february but it's you still can't organize all these photos by dates so probably that's the feature still needs to be fixed hope it is helpful

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