How to SEE WHO LIKED YOU in GAS APP? Some ideas!

uh like how to see who liked you here and I just want to share some ideas how you can do it as far as I understand the app um so first of all how this app works it's pretty simple concept so you just log in with your school you add your friends your classmates and then you answer pulse Anonymous pause and then when you are picked in the poll it means someone liked you and then you're receiving some flames so yeah and then you see in your inbox and you can see all the different Flames there uh so let's let's unpack what you can do uh I'm just going through their support center you can also visit that so Flames are sent to you when you are selected in apple the flame is a pink when girl picks you blue when a boy picks you and purple and a non-binary person picks you um so yeah uh that already gives you some ideas like you know if you have not many boys in in your class and you have a blue flame meaning that you know it's a boy who liked you yeah so maybe you have like three boys in your class like who can do that you can ask like who who's using gazab and then it can be pretty obvious even without an upgrading or maybe you don't have like you just have like not many non-binary person in your class uh then you will see a purple color or like you know vice versa like if it's a girl yeah so that's already can do that you can see in the flame uh gender and um and the grade so you can see exactly already like the 10th grade a boy or 10th grade girl like and and then it just depends like if there are again like five girls in 10th grade seven of them like you okay but how do you define more um um so yeah obviously there is a paid subscription of course um that's a called God mode here that unlocks this feature where it's called unlimited hints where you can see the first letter of someone who voltage for you so it's not that you will see the full name or username yeah just the first letter uh two bonus reveals see the full name of someone who voted for you twice so if you're a popular person in the class and someone voted for it Two Times Bingo you will see the full name that's how you reveal who liked you that's easy so another tactic I would suggest that you know you can get coins answering polls on your friends and then appear in as as many pulse as possible like if you appear in uh in more pearls the higher chance that people will vote for you twice and then you will just easily reveal who liked you so uh of course upgrade to Gold mode second buy coins again you need to spend money on the app and then you will appear in more and more polls people will see you again and again we'll vote for you and then in the process you will finally discover who likes you but you need to appear notice just one poll that can get complicated but in many posts double coins earn double coins when voting on pulse uh so yeah Crush Alerts get 95 percent as to your post but there is a trick here which is called Anonymous mode send pulse 100 anonymously so let me explain what that means so everyone who is on a paid subscription on a god mode in this app means that they can send their pulse hundred percent anonymously and that they won't be revealed meaning that if you are on a gold mode and you want to see who liked you and the person who liked you is also on a gold mode probably I don't know what will happen then but according to this support center you won't be able to discover who liked you because they're already protected by this God mode um so yeah uh I don't know what uh what you can do in that situation uh but that's that's basically it um so um yeah that's that's just my uh two coins on this uh again also god mode is not available to everyone yet and the gas app is not available in all the states and all the schools um so that's basically it uh god mode is 100 private gas doesn't show which users have god mode um so these are just some of the ideas like I did a similar video about NGL app and there you you can have more like tactics because NGL is using you can yeah you can try it out it's another anonymous Pulse app but you share the link to the poll on Instagram story and at least in Instagram store you can see some analytics you can see who checked out your story it can be like 50 people and then you have you know like uh you know range who someone of them voted for you here it's a bit more wax there is no like sharing on Instagram or anywhere you don't have additional analytics or data to look at so it's only inside of this app and yeah kind of we need to trust this app but I I don't know if you you can really trust any app if if because you know some apps grown really fast and sometimes they can just uh like tell that they were using some uh you know Fake Messages of agitator hopefully it's not the case here um yeah so that's that um if you have any additional comments or ideas around it would be super helpful I hope that God's app has grown really fast and it's a huge success and I will add more and more features and yeah uh we will discover and explore it even more

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