How to send 300 MESSAGES PER DAY in Chai app? New app update!

so here is chai app so did you know that actually uh now there is a little change and you can send 300 messages per day for free because if you go to your settings in your profile it says three messages left hundred but before like just few days ago it was like reset every 24 hours now it is reset every eight hours so basically you know 24 divided by eight you can send 300 messages per day for 24 hours but the trick is of course that you send 100 messages you're out of free messages you need to add 8 hours and then you will be able to send them again so that's a new feature update so just go and update chai app to the latest version and it should be there so i have that in version 1.37 this update um so try to upgrade there and see if you really can send 300 messages per day so there you have it hope it is helpful otherwise if you want more you will need to upgrade uh so there are people saying uh people want at least 300 or 400 messages per day but you can already do that but but yeah you just need to wait my wait every 8 hours so something like that hope it is helpful

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