here's angel app probably already have fun with it and in inbox you can see messages you have received uh here is the messages you have received but have to send a message of your instagram story so this is how it looks like here is uh instagram account and you just tap on some account and you see the story with ngr link and then you just tap on this ngl bio button uh it previously it was called now it's angel that bio doesn't matter it's the same and gel link and then you just tap on this link and then you will be able to visit this link you can you it will just be open in this separate page inside of instagram and from here you will be able to send anonymous messages you can just use this random i icon to send multiple messages like this and if you if you don't want to write your own text and it's it can have like pretty cool recommendations uh so you can yeah then if you don't like those you can just write your own message and then it says hundred percent anonymous that's the question uh can you be 100 sure that this your message can be 100 anonymous well in most cases yes even if users upgrade on the ngi app to the pro subscription this pro subscription doesn't give you like you know uh hints which are which can exactly tell that you have sent it the hints with the pro subscription are more like this is the iphone model this is the phone model it can be iphone or android like this is uh the location and that's it uh so it won't be that is a pro subscription people can exactly see your instagram username that you have sent this message on the other hand uh if you send the message and the the user you're interacting with like my username highlights has like five friends on instagram and only like five friends have seen this story and then someone buys a pro subscription then it will be pretty possible to recognize you so if your friend is has very like you know small account on instagram or he or she shared this story just with close friends it might be possible that you will be recognized so it just depends on specific accounts and specific stories but if the story went viral and it was viewed but like at least like 30 50 people it will be difficult to recognize that you have sent the message so it just depends of course if you include specific terms and some specific hints in your message itself then you you'll be caught as well so it just depends but if you just send this like general message should be fine you can also send another message and then just like that and then it's just yeah that's how it works um so hope this is helpful

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