hello everyone so let's talk about crypto gifts in coinbase app so basically if i tap on crypto gifts here um then what can be done so i can just like say hey i want to give like a ten dollars worth of bitcoin or you can also select some other tokens from your from your amount from your balance and you just tap continue and then you just can enter some email address just give it to like some email address and then you can also choose card so that's actually so i don't know it's not like an nft or something it's just a card then just select that and then you just add a note and then tap continue and then you can just tab gift now so that's uh basically you are gifting this amount of bitcoin for you you can see coinbase fee is actually zero network fee is zero and then total ten dollars um so that's that if you send encrypted to the recipient and it's this claim before you cancel that transaction your crypto will be lost so that's basically it so you can give a bitcoin to to your friends or family using this nice feature in coinbase i actually didn't know about it i only found out that you can give crypto in cash app but there you have it now you can also do it in coinbase

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