How to SEND NOTEIT NOTES via Android?

how to send noted messages on android easy you just need to use another app and this app is called widget share um so it's kind of locket widget and noted a widget alternative which also works on on android these two apps don't work there so just check out this app which is called widget share and then you can just see that so this app this app can send photos and pictures and also recently now you can also send drawings so if you don't like sending um you know photos and you like noted app and you want to send notes instead just here you can do it in widget share so oops so if i just search for the widget share app on my phone i just installed it and the cool part is that this app is available both on iphone on android so you can send these notes to your friends who are on android so there you have so no oops sorry sorry everyone so this is the app widget share app is i must say it's a bit more complicated to use like it has a bit more complicated design if you are non-technical it can be like you know pretty hard like how do you install all these switches and all of that but then it's completely makes sense so here i'm just trying to open it up maybe it's a bit buggy because uh [Music] yeah it's like a lot of people are opening up this app right now and it's actually searching so basically this is the widget so the widget is basically you can send this you can name this we just as uh your friends because each front or group of people can have a separate widget and then you just have a node in the top right which you can just use and add some nodes and then basically as well you can if you just want to send a note you can just do you know something like this and then uh basically all your picture will be just a node uh similar to [Music] noted widget and then you can just send it over yeah so something like that and then you can just tap save and this widget will be will be saved so yep something like that and yet the cool part is that it's working on android so definitely try it out

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