How to set iPhone wallpaper from your Shuffle?

quick overview how to set iphone wallpaper from shuffles shuffles app is going viral it has a lot of this interesting very artistic collages where it's very hard to find something like this somewhere else and you can create also yourself so if you just go to any shuffle you can tap on three dots basically yeah i can show you that you can just go to your own shuffle that's easier tap on your own shuffle then you can just export it and save it as an image to your photos and then you will be able to go to settings and then you can go to wallpaper choose a new wallpaper and select from all photos so that's you can create your own shuffle very artistic you can also probably do it animated but then it will be saved as video and that's basically it it's not possible to export obviously some other people uh shuffles because it's their creative work but it's easy to do with your own shuffle

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