How to set your Communiity post to EXPIRE in YOUTUBE?

If you're an avid user of the Community tab, you might be excited to hear that there's a new feature you can try out on YouTube. You can now set your community post to expire after 24 hours, encouraging more in-the-moment engagement from your viewers.

To enable this feature, all you need to do is click on the hourglass icon when creating a post from your phone. From there, set the expiration time for your post before publishing it. This can help to keep your community tab up-to-date and promote timely discussions with your audience.

It's important to note that this feature applies to all types of posts – not just videos. If you're a creator who regularly shares updates, polls or questions with your community, you may find this feature particularly useful.

The idea behind this feature is to promote more direct interaction between creators and their followers. By setting an expiration time for your posts, you can encourage viewers to engage with your content as soon as possible before it disappears.

Overall, this is a great new tool for creators looking to boost their engagement on YouTube. If you're interested in exploring this feature, be sure to try it out on your next community post.

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