How to share content from apps directly to Instagram Reels?

so here is interesting development so if you you know you created a video and you just want to share it uh on instagram reels it can be a really hard process so you need to download the video and then upload it to instagram and select reels and all of that but now there is a new integration by mata facebook that there is a sharing rules integration which allow developers to make it easy for people to share video from their app directly to facebook once integrated search third party apps will have a reals button so people can share short videos then customize with reels editing tools like audio text effects captions and stickers instead of downloading their content and uploading it later you can now create and share videos seamlessly with one type of a button so yeah so there are first few partners like smu vita and viewer video and they already integrated uh that button so it's similar you know if you is you have like share to instagram share to tick tock share to snapchat now separately you will just have the button shared to reals um so something around that um yeah so definitely now if you are using some video editing app you can um share to reels directly from the app so maybe try out smule app but hope that is helpful

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