How to share MD Vinyl cover on Instagram?

so here's some divine widget app and to share it on instagram what you need to do is just tap on share button share icon in top right next to the settings icon and then you can just tap share here you can decide if you want qr code or you don't want so here you will see qr code displayed then if you want you can include link or not then you also have some signature so you can add some signature or no signature you can then adjust the image so you can shuffle around you can change the background a bit i'm not sure if you can change the color so yeah the color i think it's reflecting back like the color scheme of this track or the album of the artist then you can also just save image but you can also tap share and then you just need to have your instagram app installed just open your instagram and then here you have these options you can share the post as a story or as a message so for example if i tap this is just like a post and then done or yeah something around it so you see the idea okay so let's just share it as story probably so it just reflects i'm listening to it and then i'm just sharing it like this and then it's uploading and being shared so that's basically the idea hope this is helpful

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