so here's ngl app so basically to use template from ngl here is what you need to do so when you copy the link don't go to instagram and don't create the story right away don't tap the plus icon just use share in the bottom and then you will use handy template which has your photo and which has a link button so just tap next step and then here tap share on instagram and then after this you will have this automated template where you have photo background and all of these features because like if you want to just create your instagram template like this from scratch it will be a long process and it will take some time so yep that's basically the idea and then you can tap stickers in top part and then you can just tap link and then you can just pass it and that's basically that's the easiest way to uh to use that so just use that that's template because some of my viewers on youtube are asking like how did i add this background photo or how do i add this profile picture here on instagram like i don't know i was just using the template so the point is i wasn't creating an instagram story from scratch

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