How to share TravelBoast journey on TikTok, Instagram or Snapchat?

so to share travel boss on instagram or tick tock uh here's what you can do you can just enter your start point uh just create a route uh enter a destination uh long press on the on this icon to select means of transport uh so for example yeah you can just select what you want and then you just you can play and preview this video which is like a really cool preview of you know your travel journeys your trips your upcoming or past trips and you can showcase it to your friends on tick tock instagram or snapchat and it's really like you know creative way to showcase your traveling for example you travel all over europe and instead of writing like you know in text message or just of course adding photos is nice but if you want to show off to your friends like this was my really amazing trip i went here to amsterdam berlin paris london and stuff like that you can really have this nice preview uh also just showing different countries have like all of that different previews show mild mileage uh select model size like how big is the plane or ship or car should be select video lengths and then in the bottom you just tap save video to camera roll then it's basically saved your camera roll and then from from your camera you can just share it to instagram or tick tock or wherever you just want to share it so that's the idea of the app um yes that's how it works um yeah try it out i think it it went viral or something on tick tock maybe because it's right now it's in the top charts of the us app store like among all top 100 most used apps in the us app store so that's crazy usually that happens when some influencer posts something around this app on tick tock and then just goes viral so anyhow there you have

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