uh here is super quick guide how to use staking on binance um so yeah just log into your or binance us account then you can just go to earn and then here is taken staking yeah so you can just go here uh and then basically yeah you will see this locked stake in menu and from here uh you can see all the tokens like yearly appreciation rate uh so you can see all of that um just select any coin i was just exploring how to stake file coin so for example here then you can just select the duration it actually appears that assets are transferred back to your spot wallet so you can you can see that you can see minimum locked account and then you can just click here stack now uh you will see that this is locked you can need to enter an amount and of course you need to have file coin in your in your binance uh so you just need to have that uh and then you will see like stake date for any asset value date interest and date redemption redemption date and then just tap confirm so you need to have this asset which you want to just take in your binance account you can buy it the in previous steps is like you know credit card or just exchange with uh with some other asset on finance so something around that and like yeah binance offers quite a lot of assets at this moment and i think that i'm adding more and more so you can see 104 uh locked staking products at this moment so trx item iost and then you can see appreciation rate so you can see all of these assets here [Music] and of course there are more and more so you can say cardano [Music] some less known some well-known coins then there is some like airdrop gas i don't know some of them are sold out [Music] no so that's about it so matic you can stake polygon so yeah quite interesting and i think some of them are sold out i don't know what that means but there you have it so that's the idea hope it is helpful and thank you for watching

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