How to start a free trial in Obimy 3.0?

here is a beaming app so to start a free trial here just tap on on your partner and want to send some senses and then you can just send some fresh sense or something around it and then you need to unlock with the free trial so there is a free trial uh if you uh if you start with a six month subscription so that's where it is uh and then yeah you will be able to start there uh free trial is only on this half a year subscription it's not about a monthly package uh or yearly yearly is quite cheap actually i would really recommend if you're using this app a lot just subscribe to yearly and then you can restore your purchases uh if you change your phone or something else is updated and stuff like that so yeah uh try it out so free trial offers you ability to create your own senses in ob add in six new colors uh i i don't really use these colors a lot but for some people they are quite important some additional senses and all of that so hope this can be helpful

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