How to start generating AI avatars in Dawn AI app?

here's down AI app so how to start with generating AI avatars in this app so super easy uh yeah just go to the app you don't need to create an account anything just that create tag unfortunately okay like you shouldn't see this but yeah if you're on a free version you can only generate your avatars once per day it's still a pretty good deal because because in other apps you need to pay right away here you can start here and then just create tag upload your selfies make sure that like you have different face expressions different locations in this selfies a nice lightning now or glasses no anything and then yeah just do that create deck and yeah then you will be able to generate like 50 AI avatars for free which is a pretty good deal but you will get access to six of them uh and I think it takes something from 8 to 15 minutes to actually uh generate these avatars

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