How to UNINSTALL NEWPROFILEPIC Editor app from App Library on iPhone?

here is new profile picture editor app in case you installed it um yeah i would really recommend to actually delete it at this moment and to delete it you can just swipe to the right to your app library and then you can just search for like a new profile peak like tap and hold on it and then you can just tap delete app so deleting this app will also delete this data and then basically this is how it works and then the app should be deleted you can double check uh yeah if yeah if the app is not there anymore and that's it so and then you can just i don't know it shouldn't be there but also double check uh among the apps if it's not there uh i wouldn't recommend to actually install this app as well or give especially give access to your photos and creating selfies there are some concerns about if this app is actually safe so if you're using it you can also just go to the app and give the like disable access to your photos just tap none here so that's what you can do

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